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I Take Your Professional Photographs

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Your web site has less than a minute to capture the attention of a visitor.

Unique images that express who you are and what you do engage visitors to further explore your site.

Did you know...

Research (Nielsen/Norman Group) shows "visitors spent 10% more time viewing the portrait photos than reading the bios, even though the bios consumed 316% more space." Visitors to a web site want to SEE the person behind the site."

To set up a photo shoot

  1. Call me for an appointment: 651-224-4539. We'll discuss time, location, and fee.
  2. At the appointed time I will work with you to create an attractive portrait, quality product photos, a view of your business location, or photograph an event.
  3. Within two weeks you'll receive high resolution, 8x10 JPG files suitable for printing and low resolution JPG files for online use.


Everything is included in one price: travel, photo session, post-processing, the photos, and an appropriate license to use the photos.

One hour photo shoot: $300
Two hour photo shoot: $500

To see more examples of my photography work, please visit my blog and my Flickr page.