Welcome to my blog! My name is Alice Gebura and I am Smart Alice Web Design & Photography. As a web designer and developer I hear a lot of questions from my clients about the process of creating a web site  and related subjects such as SEO and social media.  There are lots of web design blogs on the internet, but I've found that most of them are written for developers. I decided to create a blog written for you, the client, to help you understand and navigate this web business. I also share some of my photography and from time to time I digress on various topics that interest me. P.S. To see my web design portfolio, please visit my web site.

Random Thoughts

Web Templates The advertising for web templates makes it look easy.  Chances are you'll spend hours on it and the results won't look as good as advertised - unless you hire a web designer to help you.  You might assume this is cheaper than building a site from scratch.  Not necessarily. If I want to write the code for a web site with a centered column 1200 pixels wide and a blue background, I can do it off the top of my head in a minute.  If I have to untangle the code in someone else's mess and then fix it, it will take longer.  Web sites are complicated with interrelated parts that require expertise to design and build. This came through the other day... "Wondering whether someone is able to design a google site? I started a googlesite and am having difficulties making it look decent (spent forever just trying to get the logo on correctly and gave up). If someone can work with googlesites, that would be amazing." Googlesites are free web templates. This person has run into what I describe in my post on web templates - it's bait to pull you in because in reality the average person doesn't have the skills to build a professional web site or wrestle with a template. Web Statistics and Trends (from w3schools.com) Although web statistics and trends are for developers, clients need to understand the basic concepts. Your web site will be viewed with different browsers. Because each browser has its own quirks, it's likely your web site will look different from browser to browser. It will also look different depending on the size and quality of the monitor and whether it's being viewed on a mobile device. Browser use is trending to Firefox and Chrome these days.