The Guthrie Theater hosted the 2017 New Griots Festival at its Dowling Stage for 10 days of inspiring performances and free community workshops.  The festival, a presentation by emerging black artists in the Twin Cities, is the brain child of Jamil Jude and Josh Wilder.  I photographed some of the workshops and rehearsals. It was deeply satisfying to watch the audience sizes growing as word got around that this was the place to be to see amazing talent with both breadth and depth.

Photos Copyright 2017 Alice Gebura All Rights Reserved


20170706_ViePerformance_NewGriots_Guthrie_AliceGebura_8923 copy

20170706_VieRehearsal_NewGriots_Guthrie_AliceGebura_8766 copy


20170706_LABuckner_NewGriots_Guthrie_AliceGebura_8831 copy

20170708_ShainaPaintingClass_NewGriots_Guthrie_AliceGebura_8987 copy

20170709_LABuckner_NewGriots_Guthrie_AliceGebura_9151 copy

20170709_ShugsWorld_NewGriots_Guthrie_AliceGebura_9027 copy

20170709_ShugsWorld_NewGriots_Guthrie_AliceGebura_9120 copy

20170712_MsCoco_NewGriots_Guthrie_AliceGebura_9282 copy

20170712_MsCoco_NewGriots_Guthrie_AliceGebura_9305 copy

20170712_MsCoco_NewGriots_Guthrie_AliceGebura_9326 copy

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Cunningham based his Field Dances on the movements of children he observed at a playground.  A group of volunteers are taught five interactive movements and are then joined by a corps of dancers to perform the piece.  Dancers are cued by the movements of other dancers and respond as instructed with one of the five moves. Each performance is unique.  At the Walker Art Center I photographed the workshop where the volunteers were taught the moves and then photographed the performance that happened in the galleries.

20170603_FieldDances_Walker_AliceGebura_7382 20170603_FieldDances_Walker_AliceGebura_7395 20170603_FieldDances_Walker_AliceGebura_7454 20170603_FieldDances_Walker_AliceGebura_7460 20170603_FieldDances_Walker_AliceGebura_7467 20170603_FieldDances_Walker_AliceGebura_7479 20170603_FieldDances_Walker_AliceGebura_7505 20170603_FieldDances_Walker_AliceGebura_7511 20170603_FieldDances_Walker_AliceGebura_7562 20170603_FieldDances_Walker_AliceGebura_7586 20170603_FieldDances_Walker_AliceGebura_7593 20170603_FieldDances_Walker_AliceGebura_7685 20170603_FieldDances_Walker_AliceGebura_7719 20170603_FieldDances_Walker_AliceGebura_7747 20170603_FieldDances_Walker_AliceGebura_7781

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I took a Multimedia Production class at McNally Smith College this fall.  Assignment # 4: “Utilize the Kuleshov Effect to create the following eight emotions:  hunger, disgust, grief, horror, pride, peace, rage, love.   You will make use of the media provided (4 video clips and 8 title cards).  You may use audio or music of your choice.  In addition to juxtaposing clips and enhancing the intended tonality with audio/music, you will utilize color grading, FX filters, and keyframe animations to further bolster the emotional experience.”  Here’s my first attempt at creating a video with Adobe Premier Pro!!!

Visions of Sugarplums is a burlesque parody of our traditional Nutcracker ballet, joining the catalog that includes Mark Morris’ The Cracked Nut and Myron Johnson’s Nutcracker Not So Suite.  Sugarplums  is a hoot with lots of talent, great costumes and music.

In 2014 I photographed the dress rehearsal for the Sugarplum’s inaugural run at the Ritz Theater in Minneapolis.  This year I photographed the dress rehearsal and one of the performances for the 2016 show, this time running at the Lab Theater in Minneapolis. In the following compilation of images you might notice how different lighting and textures are created in the two theaters.

All images Copyright Alice Gebura All Rights Reserved

Visions of Sugarplums 20141208_visionssugarplums_ritztheater_alicegebura_1075 20141208_visionssugarplums_ritztheater_alicegebura_1095 20141208_visionssugarplums_ritztheater_alicegebura_1280crop 20141208_visionssugarplums_ritztheater_alicegebura_1384 20141208_visionssugarplums_ritztheater_alicegebura_1120crop 20141208_visionssugarplums_ritztheater_alicegebura_1263 20161221_sugarplumsdressrehearsal_labtheater_alicegebura_2353 20161221_sugarplumsdressrehearsal_labtheater_alicegebura_2450 20161229_sugarplumsperformance_labtheater_alicegebura_3833 20161229_sugarplumsperformance_labtheater_alicegebura_3840 20161221_sugarplumsdressrehearsal_labtheater_alicegebura_2512 20161229_sugarplumsperformance_labtheater_alicegebura_3800glow 20161221_sugarplumsdressrehearsal_labtheater_alicegebura_2814 20161229_sugarplumsperformance_labtheater_alicegebura_4167online 20161221_sugarplumsdressrehearsal_labtheater_alicegebura_3175 20161221_sugarplumsdressrehearsal_labtheater_alicegebura_2828 20161221_sugarplumsdressrehearsal_labtheater_alicegebura_2887 20161221_sugarplumsdressrehearsal_labtheater_alicegebura_3319 20161229_sugarplumsperformance_labtheater_alicegebura_4226 20161221_sugarplumsdressrehearsal_labtheater_alicegebura_3405 20161221_sugarplumsdressrehearsal_labtheater_alicegebura_3462 20161229_sugarplumsperformance_labtheater_alicegebura_3942 20161229_sugarplumsperformance_labtheater_alicegebura_3984 20161229_sugarplumsperformance_labtheater_alicegebura_4081 20161229_sugarplumsperformance_labtheater_alicegebura_4186 20161221_sugarplumsdressrehearsal_labtheater_alicegebura_3273 20161229_sugarplumsperformance_labtheater_alicegebura_4111 20161221_sugarplumsdressrehearsal_labtheater_alicegebura_3069crop


Our good friends Sam and Jillian hosted us at their home in beautiful Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We went hiking and sight seeing and hit the brew pubs together.

20160714__Colorado_AliceGebura_8356 copy

Pagosa Springs, Colorado

20160714__Colorado_AliceGebura_8172 copy

Overlooking the Piedra River valley

20160714__Colorado_AliceGebura_8180long copy

Piedra River

20160714_Colorado_AliceGebura_8193 copy

Piedra River

20160714__Colorado_AliceGebura_8240 copy

Piedra Falls

water copy

water over rocks, close up

20160714__Colorado_AliceGebura_8266crop copy

Sunset at the reservoir

20160714__Colorado_AliceGebura_8406 copy

Treasure Falls

20160714__Colorado_AliceGebura_8395 copy

Treasure Falls

20160714__Colorado_AliceGebura_8391 copy

Treasure Falls

20160714__Colorado_AliceGebura_8278 copy

Mesa Verde

20160714__Colorado_AliceGebura_8273 copy

Mesa Verde

20160714__Colorado_AliceGebura_8308 copy

Mesa Verde

20160714__Colorado_AliceGebura_8327 copy

Overlook on the road to Mesa Verde

20160714_Colorado_AliceGebura_8328 copy

Overlook on the road to Mesa Verde

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The trail to the Lake Michigan overlook, Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive

20160516_SleepingBear_Michigan_AliceGebura_7472 copy

Lake Michigan overlook, Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive

20160516_SleepingBear_Michigan_AliceGebura_7475 copy

Lake Michigan overlook, Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive

20160516_SleepingBear_Michigan_AliceGebura_7477 copy

Lake Michigan overlook, Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive

20160516_SleepingBear_Michigan_AliceGebura_7484 copy

Fishtown in Leland, Michigan

20160516_SleepingBear_Michigan_AliceGebura_7526 copy

Dune Climb, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park

20160516_SleepingBear_Michigan_AliceGebura_7529 copy

Pyramid Point, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park

20160516_SleepingBear_Michigan_AliceGebura_7548 copy

Wild triliums in bloom

20160516_SleepingBear_Michigan_AliceGebura_7566 copy

On the Bluff Trail, Mackinac Island


View of Lake Huron from Mackinac Island Bluff Trail


Arch Rock on Mackinac Island

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Studio portraits are great because you can control the lighting and other factors in the environment to create a high-quality image.  But they can be a bit boring with the same old backdrop. I enjoy using Photoshop to create an alternate background.  It’s not easy, though.  If all you do is cut out the figures and paste them on a background, it looks pretty bad.  First there’s the technical challenge of making a clean mask. Elements such as flying hair are time consuming.  Then, once I have an idea for the background, I have to figure out how it’s going to work in terms of light, color, perspective, and blending. Each of the following re-imagined photos took many hours.  All photos Copyright 2016 Alice Gebura All Rights Reserved.  These images may not be “borrowed” or used elsewhere.

Cara Seymour

Cara Seymour, 2015 Lois Greenfield Workshop

Cara Seymour

Replaced the wall and floor with a soft background and figure shadow

20150917_AntonKelly_TekBox_AliceGebura_1251 copy

Anton LaMon and Kelly Vittetoe, Photo shoot at the Tek Box, Cowles Center for Dance


Sunset and water. Bi-colored filter on the dancers to blend the tonality.

20150917_AntonKelly_TekBox_AliceGebura_1186 copy

Anton LaMon and Kelly Vittetoe, Photo shoot at the Tek Box, Cowles Center for Dance


Hue, saturation, and exposure applied to background fabric from another photo. Created a mirror floor.


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In Feb., 2016 Minneapolis Music Company will present A Fiddler’s Tale, Wynton Marsalis’ composition inspired by Stravinksy’s L’Histoire du Soldat.  I worked with Artistic Director, Mischa Santora, and the dancers Anton LaMon and Kendra Vie Boheme Dennard to create production photos for the upcoming performance.  Some of my photos are posted below and you can find out more about the performance here.


All Photos Copyright 2015 Alice Gebura All Rights Reserved

20151027_DevilishDances_MNMusicCompany_AliceGebura_2820 copy

20151027_DevilishDances_MNMusicCompany_AliceGebura_2882 copy

20151027_DevilishDances_MNMusicCompany_AliceGebura_2878 copy


20151027_DevilishDances_MNMusicCompany_AliceGebura_2913 copy

20151027_DevilishDances_MNMusicCompany_AliceGebura_2868 copy

20151027_DevilishDances_MNMusicCompany_AliceGebura_2776 copy

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August 15, 2015

Who needs anatomy drawing class when you can photograph b-boys!   Outside in the Cowles Center parking lot in 90-degree heat, b-boy crews from around the country were battling to make the finals and win some cash prizes. I loved shooting all manner of contortions, freezes, kicks, and airborne gyrations. The tricks are impressive but I also thought the upright dance moves created their own poetry.

20150815_GroundbreakerBattle_CowlesCenter_AliceGebura_0369 copy

20150815_GroundbreakerBattle_CowlesCenter_AliceGebura_0557 copy20150815_GroundbreakerBattle_CowlesCenter_AliceGebura_0274 copy

Earlier, inside the Cowles Center in the Minnesota Dance Theater Studio, I photographed a lovely Nutcracker performance workshop. Choreographer Katie Rose McLaughlin has imagined how Clara’s life might have unfolded after the Nutcracker episode. Four female dancers play Clara at different ages. The younger dancers, including the superb Barton Cowperthwaite, were technically and artistically delightful. Yet, I was especially struck by the grace and elegant movement of older dancer, Lise Houlton.

20150815_Nutcracker_MDT_AliceGebura_0045 copy20150815_Nutcracker_MDT_AliceGebura_0175 copy20150815_Nutcracker_MDT_AliceGebura_0157 copy Clara Nutcracker 20150815_Nutcracker_MDT_AliceGebura_0083 copy 20150815_Nutcracker_MDT_AliceGebura_0094 copy 20150815_Nutcracker_MDT_AliceGebura_95 copy 20150815_Nutcracker_MDT_AliceGebura_102 copy 20150815_Nutcracker_MDT_AliceGebura_0117 copy 20150815_Nutcracker_MDT_AliceGebura_122 copy 20150815_Nutcracker_MDT_AliceGebura_124 copy 20150815_Nutcracker_MDT_AliceGebura_143 copy

All photos Copyright 2015 Alice Gebura All Rights Reserved

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What a fabulous show! Enjoy the photos!

Dancers from the show Dance Out of Africa are granted a limited license to use these photos as follows: You may download an image for your own use on social media free of charge.  You may not delete, crop, or alter any photo in any way.  Any attempt to remove the watermark that identifies Alice Gebura as the photographer is a violation of this license. All photos Copyright 2015 Alice Gebura All Rights Reserved.

For any other use of these photos, you must request an additional license from the photographer, Alice Gebura, whom you can contact via email or phone.  For contact information, see the column to the right.


20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_7887 copy

20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_7804 copy


20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_7835 copy

20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_7793 copy

20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_8031 copy 20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_8057 copy 20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_8159 copy 20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_8199 copy 20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_8208 copy 20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_8220 copy 20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_8258 copy 20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_8261 copy 20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_8287 copy 20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_8292 copy 20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_8300 copy 20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_8301 copy 20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_8303 copy 20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_8321 copy 20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_8323 copy

20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_7718 copy 20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_7712 copy 20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_7707 20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_7705 copy 20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_7686 copy 20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_7685 copy 20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_7681 copy 20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_7671 copy 20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_7662 copy 20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_7627 copy 20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_7615 copy

20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_7551 copy

20150622_DanceOutofAfrica_AliceGebura_7592 copy