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Everyone is quite jolly at the state fair. I got there when it first opened and by the time I left at noon, it was wall to wall jolly people. No one was dying from exploding camera flashes or falling ice blocks as seen in A Million Ways to Die in the West. But traditional crafts, crops, and animal husbandry were well represented amidst all the souvenir and food emporiums (I had to try the jello salad ice cream).  My favorites were the animal barns and the fine art building.

All photos Copyright 2014 Alice Gebura All Rights Reserved

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06. September 2014 · Comments Off on Morgen’s White Coat Ceremony · Categories: Event, Photography

Ever since she was little Morgen has wanted to be a doctor.  She used to wrap her Barbie dolls in “bandages” made of toilet paper.  When she was in second grade she memorized the names of all the bones in the human skeleton and always wanted to watch medical movies/TV shows.  Now she’s enrolled in medical school at UCSD as an MD/PhD in medical anthropology.  There are 125 students in her class.

Congratulations, Morgen! Dad and I are very proud of you.  Good luck to you and all your friends in med school!

All photos Copyright 2014 Alice Gebura All Rights Reserved


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These are photos I took as a guest at the wedding.  Professional wedding photographers had the bridal party covered, of course, so I thought I’d capture images that caught my eye as well as images that captured the spirited revelry and good will in abundance at Sasha and Joe’s wonderful wedding.

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Congratulations to Sasha and Joe!