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It should be no surprise PBS decided not to air Citizen Koch for fear of shutting off the cash flow from the Koch brothers.  PBS sold out long ago, as chronicled in Jane Mayer’s excellent article for the May 27, 2013 New Yorker, “A Word from Our Sponsor” :

“When Koch joined the boards of WGBH and WNET, it seemed to mark an ideological inroad, enabling him to exert influence over a network with a prominent news operation. Meanwhile, the member stations, by having Koch as a trustee, were inoculating themselves against charges of liberal bias, and positioning themselves to receive substantial new donations.”


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Canada and Europe disallowed Monsanto’s bovine growth hormone after reviewing safety research.  The FDA paid no attention.  And Monsanto wants to make sure we don’t know anything about it.

There are two issues here – a person’s right to choose what they eat, and the ability in this country of big money to dictate what we know or don’t know about the food that’s available.

In addition to the dubious bovine growth hormone, Monsanto sells seeds for round-up resistant plants.  The genetically modified food that comes from these plants contains pesticide residue after being sprayed with round-up.  “Now Monsanto is violating individual rights by controlling our food supply by producing GMOs and forcing lawmakers to pass laws that protect them where citizens don’t have a right to know where it is going despite independent research showing how deadly GMOs are.”

Just as in the case of bovine growth hormone, Monsanto doesn’t want you to know anything about it, or have any choice about ingesting it.  “In Europe, March Against Monsanto Is Latest Rejection of the GMO Giant”

Who’s your daddy? In the U.S. it’s Monsanto, apparently.