Internet users are more and more sophisticated these days and aren’t granting businesses any slack when the web site is less than professional. The Boston Globe article When Bad Web Sites Happen to Good Restaurants highlights common complaints people make about restaurant web sites. Those complaints apply to all web sites so I've made a checklist.

Common Complaints

  • Flashy animation is annoying because it wastes time downloading and can freeze a computer with low memory
  • Out of date information earns scorn and derision
  • Background music, especially droning techno
  • Difficult to find information, such as location and phone number
  • Stock photography, people recognize and don’t respect it.
  • Amateur photos, amateur photos are characterized by one or more of the following:
    • pixilation - caused by not knowing how to size a photo for the web
    • blurry image - caused by a shaking camera or using a low resolution photo from a cell phone
    • bleached out or murky images - caused by not knowing how to properly light a photograph
    • poor composition (distracting backgrounds, for example)
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