Our good friends Sam and Jillian hosted us at their home in beautiful Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We went hiking and sight seeing and hit the brew pubs together.

20160714__Colorado_AliceGebura_8356 copy

Pagosa Springs, Colorado

20160714__Colorado_AliceGebura_8172 copy

Overlooking the Piedra River valley

20160714__Colorado_AliceGebura_8180long copy

Piedra River

20160714_Colorado_AliceGebura_8193 copy

Piedra River

20160714__Colorado_AliceGebura_8240 copy

Piedra Falls

water copy

water over rocks, close up

20160714__Colorado_AliceGebura_8266crop copy

Sunset at the reservoir

20160714__Colorado_AliceGebura_8406 copy

Treasure Falls

20160714__Colorado_AliceGebura_8395 copy

Treasure Falls

20160714__Colorado_AliceGebura_8391 copy

Treasure Falls

20160714__Colorado_AliceGebura_8278 copy

Mesa Verde

20160714__Colorado_AliceGebura_8273 copy

Mesa Verde

20160714__Colorado_AliceGebura_8308 copy

Mesa Verde

20160714__Colorado_AliceGebura_8327 copy

Overlook on the road to Mesa Verde

20160714_Colorado_AliceGebura_8328 copy

Overlook on the road to Mesa Verde


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