Internet users are more and more sophisticated these days and aren’t granting businesses any slack when the web site is less than professional. The Boston Globe article When Bad Web Sites Happen to Good Restaurants highlights common complaints people make about restaurant web sites. Those complaints apply to all web sites so I’ve made a checklist.
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Do you like animation or flashy motion effects on a web site? In general, I don’t. A scrolling or jumping animation might catch my eye for a second, but it takes less than a second to click to another web site that isn’t so irritating.

I detest advertising.  Advertising invades our mind space without asking permission.  A web site with animated advertising reminds me of Mexican jumping beans!   Another annoyance is the pop-up that suddenly blocks what I’m reading, usually asking me to sign up for something.  I definitely won’t thanks to your annoying pop-up.

I do like:

  • Slide shows that I can control
  • Embedded videos when they are relevant, make me laugh, or teach me something. Video should be high quality and embedded on the page, don’t make me click to another site to watch it.

If you’re going to put something flashy on your site,  give control to the visitor. I don’t want to passively sit while something runs. That’s why I always click Skip Intro (you know what I’m talking about).

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