Friends brought these lillies the other day. I shot this with bounced flash and a backlight. I created the pastel effect with Photoshop layers and Nik color effex. And I used Filter Forge "Sobel Edge Detector" to bring out the lines. The following is for my friend, Maria, and anyone else who might be interested in how I created this image in Photoshop. More »
First I photographed the puppet as a standard portrait: puppet against white fabric Then I wrapped it in black fabric and startled it with a spotlight pointing up towards the face! puppet wrapped in black fabric I took this image and used Photoshop to paint around the face and hands with black.  Then I used the perspective tool (Edit - Transform - Perspective) to distort the proportions.  Finally, I used Curves to saturate the colors for a lurid effect. transformed in photoshop Analysis by Smart Alice Web Design & Photography, smart web design for businesses who want a unique and effective presence on the internet. Copyright 2010,  Alice Gebura,  All Rights Reserved.