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It was great to spend a week in California and get away from winter for a bit.  We drove up the coast and took a tour of the Hearst Castle which we hadn’t done before.  I’m not sure what WR Hearst’s point was in building this silly thing, but the land is beautiful and I enjoyed the views.

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Hearst Castle







20150202_HearstCastle_AliceGebura_20150207_HearstCastle_AliceGebura_2129The only interior room I liked was the roman pool (below).  The rest of it was so over the top.  I summed it up in a photo collage.



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Frank Gehry designed the Weisman Art Museum for the University of Minnesota in 1991.  I photographed it this past fall very early in the morning, to avoid traffic and people as well as get a good light.
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I created this digital collage last summer after a photo shoot at the Griggs house.  The image is comprised of two photos: the staircase inside the Griggs house and a studio shot of model EdithJ.  It was an idea floating around in my head at the time.
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The light changes constantly throughout the day and is subject to atmospheric conditions.  All three photos were taken on the same day after a night time snowfall.
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