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The Guthrie Theater hosted the 2017 New Griots Festival at its Dowling Stage for 10 days of inspiring performances and free community workshops.  The festival, a presentation by emerging black artists in the Twin Cities, is the brain child of Jamil Jude and Josh Wilder.  I photographed some of the workshops and rehearsals. It was deeply satisfying to watch the audience sizes growing as word got around that this was the place to be to see amazing talent with both breadth and depth.

Photos Copyright 2017 Alice Gebura All Rights Reserved


20170706_VieRehearsal_NewGriots_Guthrie_AliceGebura_8766 copy


20170706_LABuckner_NewGriots_Guthrie_AliceGebura_8831 copy

20170708_ShainaPaintingClass_NewGriots_Guthrie_AliceGebura_8987 copy

20170709_LABuckner_NewGriots_Guthrie_AliceGebura_9151 copy

20170709_ShugsWorld_NewGriots_Guthrie_AliceGebura_9027 copy

20170712_MsCoco_NewGriots_Guthrie_AliceGebura_9326 copy

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A Fiddler’s Tale

All photos Copyright 2014 Alice Gebura All Rights Reserved

Music by Wynton Marsalis, Libretto by Stanley Crouch

Performed by Minneapolis Music Company, Mischa Santora conducting, Raye Birk narrating,  and Live Action Set: Noah Bremer (artistic director), Stepahie Fellner, and Anton LaMon; Performed at the Bedlam Theater, St. Paul, Oct. 30, 2014

A fiddler, Beatrice Connors, sells her music (her soul) to the devil, Bubba Z. Beals, a record company executive, in exchange for a successful music career.



Her name is Beatrice Connors

Stephanie Fellner as the violinist.


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Ice Flow is taught by Elin Schran at the Skating Club of Boston.

“IceFlow is a gentle, yoga-inspired edge class designed specifically for adult skaters of all skill levels; from beginner to professional.

“The goal is to connect leaning, twisting and stretching movements with the breath as we flow with each other across the ice to music.”

The skater’s speed and edges create beautiful moving lines.  Thank you, everyone, for allowing me to photograph the class!
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Musette, Mistress of Mischief and Smokey Robinson

I photographed these talented performers from the Flying Poodles Big Sexy Circus at the Amsterdam Bar in St. Paul, MN. on April 25, 2013.

The show was very funny and the audience had a great time.

And the skill level of the performers – in aerials, acrobatics, hooping, and dancing – was impressive.

Check out their great costumes!

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I’d like to thank Ron Peluso, Director, and Rachel Flynn, Marketing Director, for allowing me to photograph the dress rehearsal of “This Side of Paradise” at the History Theater.  The play tells the story of Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald through the perspective of Zelda’s treatment for mental illness in a sanitorium.
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