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The Guthrie Theater hosted the 2017 New Griots Festival at its Dowling Stage for 10 days of inspiring performances and free community workshops.  The festival, a presentation by emerging black artists in the Twin Cities, is the brain child of Jamil Jude and Josh Wilder.  I photographed some of the workshops and rehearsals. It was deeply satisfying to watch the audience sizes growing as word got around that this was the place to be to see amazing talent with both breadth and depth.

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20170706_VieRehearsal_NewGriots_Guthrie_AliceGebura_8766 copy


20170706_LABuckner_NewGriots_Guthrie_AliceGebura_8831 copy

20170708_ShainaPaintingClass_NewGriots_Guthrie_AliceGebura_8987 copy

20170709_LABuckner_NewGriots_Guthrie_AliceGebura_9151 copy

20170709_ShugsWorld_NewGriots_Guthrie_AliceGebura_9027 copy

20170712_MsCoco_NewGriots_Guthrie_AliceGebura_9326 copy

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 “This Side of Paradise” at the History Theater is one of those excellent productions we need to see more of.  The play tells the story of Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald through Zelda’s perspective while being treated for mental illness in a sanitorium. Multiple Zeldas – Zelda as a girl, Zelda as a debutante, Zelda as a wife, Zelda as a patient – appear on stage.
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