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We rented a houseboat and trolled the waters of Voyageurs National Park. Just the 3 of us and the woods.

We towed a motor boat at the back of the houseboat and took it out to explore the park. There are no roads or bridges – you can only get around by water.

Exploring Namakan Lake

Mitchell Bay on Namakan Lake

Rocky wrestles with the outboard.

Kettle Falls Hotel, the bar with slanted floor. You get there by boat of course.

Hiking near the hotel.

At the edge of Randolph Bay, Namakan Lake

Breakfast on a houseboat. The ladder in the background leads to the “penthouse” bedroom. It has room for a double mattress and the ceiling is about 4 feet high.

Moored at Randolph Bay

Randolph Bay

Securing the motorboat to the back of the houseboat is tricky.

Mission accomplished

Cliffs on Grassy Bay off Sand Point Lake

Our intrepid captain

The rocks here are 2.5 billion years old

Moored at Wolf Point in Crane Lake

With nothing but water and woods, there is no light pollution. The night sky is spectacular.

Where the Vermillion River enters Crane Lake

Moss garden on the Vermillion Gorge trail

Vermillion River

Vermillion River



  1. STUNNING photos! Vermillion River water is so vibrant it feels like the photo could sweep you up. And the mushrooms are delectable. The beauty was all there for all to see, but the way you see makes an experience for us. Thank you for seeing.

  2. What a beautiful peaceful environment to escape the stresses that are so prevalent these days. So glad that you enjoyed such a unique adventure & sent these beautiful photos for all to enjoy.

  3. Great photos! I envy your get-a-way, what a wonderful place to avoid people, situations and politics! ❤️

  4. There were literally no people in sight except for the occasional fishing boat in the distance. We had a radio on deck that connected us to the outfitter so we got to hear the chatter back and forth – from people ordering “12 packs of dr. pepper, pepsi, and sprite” to boats grounding on rocks etc. We don’t drink soda so to us the soda order sounded like a mass suicide event!!! We had Navionics on the cell phone which works without cell service as long as you start it before you leave civilization. It provides navigation and sonar maps in real time and that kept us off the rocks!

  5. Wow! SO beautiful 😍!!! Thanks so much for sharing!😊🙏

  6. Stunning! What an adventure, captured so vividly! Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a great vacation. The photography is excellent. I have paddled through part of that park, and this brought back pleasant memories.