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Several years ago people had the idea that if their web site got enough traffic, as demonstrated by Google Analytics, they could monetize their web site by selling ad space.  You can still sell ad space but now it might be linked to data about who visits your web site and what they click on.  Data is collected via cookies that run whenever someone visits your web site.  You instruct your web developer to build cookies to collect data about your visitors such as IP address, recently visited web sites, auto fill text, and so on.  How data is collected, aggregated and sold to make a profit via online ad auctions is told in The New York Times article “Your Online Attention, Bought in an Instant” (Nov 18, 2012). I highly recommend you read it, if just to understand how it affects you as a consumer.  You'll also be interested, if you intend to advertise your business on other people's web sites. More »
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Deborah's blogI designed this web site banner for my client screenwriter/poet Deborah George Streit.  Recently she decided to start a blog to publish a set of her short fiction pieces.  Part of the process for her was sorting out how to handle issues of copyright and sharing.  She worried about others seeing her work online and lifting it.  Also, she wasn’t sure how publishing specific work online was going to affect her ability to get that work picked up by other publishers. More »
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“80% of what we perceive is visual information.”

A Web Site is Mandatory

Today, if you have a business, you need a web site to be taken seriously. Everyone realizes it and everyone wants a web site. But paying for a web site is expensive. It costs a lot because a skilled professional spends a lot of hours collating materials, creating a design, and programming the code behind it all.

Cutting Costs

There are less expensive alternatives to hiring someone to build you a custom web site. You could  write a blog, create a Facebook page, or use a template. This post investigates the pros and cons of using templates to create your web site. More »