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Aerialists are the performers who truly defy gravity and fly. Of course they use a number of props to do so. And, they have to be incredibly strong.


At the end of this post is a gallery of images I took at an Aerial Dance Intensive at Boston University.

But first I want to call attention to a skill that one of the teachers had the participants work on: artfully using the floor on the way to ascending the ropes or silks. The following photos show some of the ideas people came up with.

Aerial_Dance_Intensive7368 Aerial_Dance_Intensive7491 Aerial_Dance_Intensive7394 Aerial_Dance_Intensive7505  Aerial_Dance_Intensive7583Aerial_Dance_Intensive7365

Aerials Photo Gallery

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Many thanks to the teachers Marin Orlosky-Randow, DeAnna Pellecchia, and Lynda Rieman and all the students for allowing me to photograph their hard work and inspiration.


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