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Today my client The Investor Advocate posted a remembrance of the great legal journalist Anthony Lewis, who died a week ago today. As a young man Lewis was greatly influenced by Justice Harlan Fiske Stone‚Äôs footnote to his opinion in U.S. v. Carolene Products Co., decided in 1938. You can read the details as they relate to Lewis in the post. My job was to find an image to go with the post so I started by searching for anything related to the court case. More »
choclateOne of my all time favorite web sites is David Lebovitz, Living the Sweet Life in Paris. Lebovitz is an all star pastry chef. His web site/blog has fabulous food photos (I've included an example here). The images are superb - beautiful, professional photographs that instantly tell you he's serious about food and food quality. He uses those gorgeous photos to illustrate his various culinary adventures involving strange ingredients and funky kitchen gadgets. More »