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The expressive power of the human body in both pose and movement is infinite.   My goal in photographing dance performance is to capture those transformative moments when choreography, music, and the dancer come together to elevate our sensory, emotional, and intellectual experience as well as our humanity. The following images are from my exhibit of dance photography at the Indian Hill Music Center in Littleton, Massachusetts.

night of the opening

Thank you to everyone who came to the opening. Thank you to Erica Mash for taking photos at the opening.


Meet the Dancers

Abraham in Motion

The Boston Globe named the company’s performance of Pavement at Jacob’s Pillow in August, 2013 one of the year’s best dance performances.  Later in 2013 founder Kyle Abraham received a MacArthur Foundation genius grant. Pavement tells the stories of urban Pittsburgh using vivid dance imagery and a very cool soundtrack ranging from Vivaldi to the blues to electronica.
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Companhia Urbana de Danca at the Walker Art Center

March, 2014
Artistic Director: Sonia Destri Lie
Na Pista
Choreography: Sonia Destri Lie & Company
Music: Rodrigo Marcal
Lighting: Renato Machado

ID: Entidades
Choreography: Sonia Destri Lie & Company
Music: Rodrigo Marcal
Lighting: Renato Machado & Dominique Palabaud

All photos by Alice Gebura. Copyright 2014 Alice Gebura All Rights Reserved.

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The old train depot in Worcester has been restored, rescuing another architectural gem.  Inside is a Middle Eastern restaurant, Byblos, with a spacious and exotic ambience. The lighting is much too dark for my camera so I had to resort to using flash when I wanted to photograph the incomparable Melina dancing with the Ed Melikan Ensemble.
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“Santeria is a danced religion because dancing expresses the fundamental dynamism of the life force.  Words cannot express the mystery.  The world is a dance.  Its meaning lies in its constant movement.  The dance is the expression of this mystery.”   Santeria: African Spirits in America by Joseph M. Murphy

The tradition of Afro-Cuban dance goes way, way back in history.  It’s rooted in the dance and drum traditions of the Yoruba in Africa which were brought to Cuba via the slave trade.  Facial expressions are part of the movements that relate to mythology, ancestors, and storytelling and are accompanied by drumming and singing.  I am so very thankful to Rene and the dancers for providing the opportunity to photograph them.
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