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We saw otters drifting in the surf and whale spouts in the distance, but these were too far away to photograph.  Seals and pelicans are so used to being around tourists it was easy to get some close-ups.

All photos Copyright 2015 Alice Gebura All Rights Reserved.

brown pelican

Brown pelican takes off, La Jolla Cove

brown pelican

Brown pelican, La Jolla Cove

harbor seals

Harbor seals, mom and pup, La Jolla Cove

harbor seals

Harbor seals, mom and pup, La Jolla Cove


Cormorants, Moonstone Beach

elephant seals

Elephant seals, Piedras Blancas.  The males can weigh 2.5 tons!  The smell on this beach was unreal!!


A deer in the neighbor’s garden, Cambria.  Flirting with the camera.


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It was great to spend a week in California and get away from winter for a bit.  We drove up the coast and took a tour of the Hearst Castle which we hadn’t done before.  I’m not sure what WR Hearst’s point was in building this silly thing, but the land is beautiful and I enjoyed the views.

All photos Copyright 2015 Alice Gebura All Rights Reserved

Hearst Castle







20150202_HearstCastle_AliceGebura_20150207_HearstCastle_AliceGebura_2129The only interior room I liked was the roman pool (below).  The rest of it was so over the top.  I summed it up in a photo collage.



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Everyone is quite jolly at the state fair. I got there when it first opened and by the time I left at noon, it was wall to wall jolly people. No one was dying from exploding camera flashes or falling ice blocks as seen in A Million Ways to Die in the West. But traditional crafts, crops, and animal husbandry were well represented amidst all the souvenir and food emporiums (I had to try the jello salad ice cream).  My favorites were the animal barns and the fine art building.

All photos Copyright 2014 Alice Gebura All Rights Reserved

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A few years ago I designed a web site for violinist Randy Sabien.  It featured his new CD at the time, Rhythm and Bows.

Randy Sabien, old web site


With the release of his his next CD, Soul of a Man, Randy wanted to update the Home page. I took some new photos of Randy (you can read about the photo shoot here), changed the layout, and included sample listening tracks.

Randy’s fishing photos are also on the CD cover and the CD itself.


Randy Sabien, new web site

The new web site

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A Fiddler’s Tale

All photos Copyright 2014 Alice Gebura All Rights Reserved

Music by Wynton Marsalis, Libretto by Stanley Crouch

Performed by Minneapolis Music Company, Mischa Santora conducting, Raye Birk narrating,  and Live Action Set: Noah Bremer (artistic director), Stepahie Fellner, and Anton LaMon; Performed at the Bedlam Theater, St. Paul, Oct. 30, 2014

A fiddler, Beatrice Connors, sells her music (her soul) to the devil, Bubba Z. Beals, a record company executive, in exchange for a successful music career.



Her name is Beatrice Connors

Stephanie Fellner as the violinist.


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Ever since she was little Morgen has wanted to be a doctor.  She used to wrap her Barbie dolls in “bandages” made of toilet paper.  When she was in second grade she memorized the names of all the bones in the human skeleton and always wanted to watch medical movies/TV shows.  Now she’s enrolled in medical school at UCSD as an MD/PhD in medical anthropology.  There are 125 students in her class.

Congratulations, Morgen! Dad and I are very proud of you.  Good luck to you and all your friends in med school!

All photos Copyright 2014 Alice Gebura All Rights Reserved


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